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2 in 1 hifu liposonix beauty machine

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2 in 1 hifu liposonix beauty machine HIFU18-2S

In the 2019 , more and more customers want to have multifunctional hifu machine with more functions. In this way, one machine can take small space and earn more profits. So our company designed the HIFU18-2S. The hifu lipohifu beauty machine HIFU18-2S is main for face lifting ,wrinkle removal and body slimming popular in worldwide. 

Different with the traditional hifu machine, one shot one line, the HIFU18-2S add the liposonix function on the machine,one shot with 576 points, it is more effective and faster for body treatment.

hifu liposonix

Some customers like the vertical hifu liposonix machine, but it will need more shipping fees. Some customers want to save the shipping fees, so we design the portable hifu liposonix machine HIFU18-2S. It is same function and effective results, but few shipping cost. The HIFU18-2S is popular selling for beauty salon, beauty spa and skin care clinics.

If you have any idea about the 2 in 1 hifu liposonix machine HIFU18-2D, welcome to contact with us.

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