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7T Pemf pmst max double magnetic therapy equipment EMS24 NEO

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7T Pemf pmst max double magnetic therapy equipment EMS24 NEO

Pmst max therapy machine

pmst max

Work theory:

The human body is a good conducting medium and that also applies to magnetic fields. As ions in a cell have a charge, the cell membrane also needs a certain amount of charge. The membrane charge of normal, healthy cells is higher than that of diseased or aged cells, including bacteria and viruses. When the cell membrane charge is low, the cell has too little energy to perform its normal function. Therefore cells need energy, and stimulation via an electro-magnetic field is known to increase this energy and optimize the function of the cell.

Electromagnetic fields can penetrate cells, tissues, organs and bones without any change or loss, activate the electrochemistry of tissues, and improve cell and cell membrane function.


High energy magneto inductive therapy function:

1.Pain relief

Improve cellular metabolism and reduce pain and inflammation.

2. Injury recovery

Increase circulation around injuried soft tissues and promote healing process.

3.Tissue repair

Stimulate cells that generate new bow tissue and connective tissue.

pemf therapy

Point Applicator

For Small Treatment Area

1.      13CM diameter

2.      4 TESLA magnetic power

3.      Focused energy for pain point and trigger point

4.      Convenient for small treatment area such as arms, waist, thighs and calf

Joint Applicator

For Joint Treatment

1.    20CM diameter

2.    5 TESLA magnetic power

3.    Hollow design perfect to match the arthrosis

4.    More Suitable for Joint treatment, like ankles, knees, elbows and shoulders

Muscle Applicator (Optional)

For Large Treatment Area

1.      26CM diameter

2.      7 TESLA magnetic power

3.      For large area treatment and muscle group therapy

4.      Large treatment area for back, abdomen, buttocks

pmst max duo

Applicators Customization NIRS & Laser

The magnetic joint applicator with hollow design can be connected with near infrared or cold laser applicator by the special connector. It can focus magnetic pulse and NIRS or laser energy together in the same treatment area to help accelerate the healing process. Magnetic therapy mainly relieves pain and inflammation, and NIRS or laser mainly promotes blood circulation and accelerate the healing process. The combination can achieve the better effects.

NIRS/Laser Applicator

For Better Pain Relief

1.    NIRS: 620/660/940NM, 3200MW

2.    Laser: 650/808NM, 5600MW

3.    Alleviate pain by reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation, and promoting

tissue repair.

Advantage of the pmst max machine:

Dual Channel

Each channel with enhanced pulse electromagnetic filed. The two channels can work simultaneously or independently.

Water Cooling System

Ensure a continuous and reliable operation for at least 8 hours.

7T High Intensity

Generate a magnetic field of up to 7 Tesla, to stimulate nerve cells, muscles, and blood vessels.

Plug-In connection

Leading the way in water cooling system, while realizing plug-in connection of applicators.

Smart Software

MT & ST mode

MT mode with 1-150Hz for superficial treatment and muscle stimulation.

ST mode with 1000-3000Hz for bones, joints and tendons to do the deeper treatment.

Multiple frequencies

F1-F10 user defined frequencies and energy. You can control different channels and set frequency ranges in MT mode.

Intelligent Guideline

Offer treatment guidance with recommended parameters and symptom explanations for 10 body parts.

pemf equipment





Pulse Electromagnetic   Field


Pain Relief, Physiotherapy  


Sports Injuries, Chronic   Pain, Joint Diseases

Applicator - Standard

Muscle Applicator

Point Applicator

Applicator - Optional

Joint Applicator

NIRS Applicator

Laser Applicator


2 Channels


4-7 Tesla

Frequency - MT Mode


Frequency - ST Mode


Cooling System

Water Cooling System

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