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808nm fiber coupled laser diode hair removal BL-FL01

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808nm fiber coupled laser diode

Fiber Coupled Diode Laser for Depilation:

With the new technology in laser science, 810nm laser could be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of hair and this laser energy could destroy the oxygen-supply organization of and around hair follicle, then it could remove hair permanently. To offer patients a safe and painless experience during treatment, a sapphire freezing cooling head is introduced in the laser system, there is totally 12mm*12mm spot size.

808nm fiber coupled diode laser

Uniform energy distribution:

Fiber coupled diode laser is designed with a uniform energy distribution at a small divergence angle for more gentle and effective depilation.

professional 808nm diode laser

Light hand piece and contact cooling:

1. No laser generator in hand piece, so need not worry the damage to high hand piece caused by not careful use. The hand piece is much lighter and more comfortable for lady operator and long term operation.

2. Sapphire contact cooling protects epidermis well and ensures safe and comfortable treatment though under high energy use. Cooling temperature keep 0to 5.

diode laser hair removal

Clinic advantage:

1. Intelligent adjustment for the output energy according to the treating head moving

2. The gold standard for permanent hair removal

3. Safe and effective treatment for all skin type

4. Comfortable treating with apphire freezing cooling

hair removal laser 808

Two years laser generator warranty:

1. Large HD screen, Android intelligent control system

2. Laser generator warranty for 25 million shots or 2 years, whichever comes first. The laser generator goes with super long service life, up to 50 million shots.

3. No consumables. High return on investment.

fibre coupled diode laser

hair removal before and after

Technical Specifications:






12   inch Color touch screen

Energy   density

1-40J   or 1-120J/

Shot   frequency


Spot   sizes

12X12mm   & 8X8mm

Pulse   width


Cooling   type

Sapphire contact cooling


22   kgs

Machine   size

50 X 44 X 26.5 cm

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