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China manufacturer ESWT pneumatic shockwave NIRS physio magneto therapy machine PW01

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China manufacturer ESWT pneumatic shockwave NIRS physio magneto therapy machine PW01

Physio magneto therapy + near infrared therapy + pneumatic shockwave therapy treatment together.

pmst neo

Shockwave therapy

Higher effectiveness of treatments:

The use of devices that generate a compressor pressure of a maximum value of 6 bar ,has a strong stimulating effect, To enable effective therapy of various injuries and to eliminate their causes.

Thanks to this, the device ensures comprehensive therapy, even in the case of chronic calcification processes.

pmst neo therapy machine

Quick therapy without side effects:

Shockwave therapy is a completely safe, but extremely effective treatment used in orthopaedics, rehabilitation, sports and aesthetic

medicine. The therapeutic session lasts about 10 minutes.

pmst device

Magneto physio therapy:

Musculoskeletal disorders such as discopathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, knee arthrosis, impaired bone union (fracture conditions),degenerative changes in the spine and joints,muscle inflammation, pelvic pain.postoperative pain and edema, burns.


NIRS therapy:

Muscle relaxation before manual therapy 

States of increased muscle tone

Heating of affected joints before exercise 

Subacute and chronic inflammation of the joints 

Contractures,Scars Adhesions.

infrared therapy

Perfect Combination:

Physio Magneto is fast becoming an essential part of physiotherapy. it is an ideal complement to shockwave therapy, not a replacement , these two treat very different conditions.

ShockWave is too painful to treat, and physio magneto is totally pain free. it has an anti-inflammatory response, reducing pain and inflammation in acute pain presentation, irritable flare ups, neuropathic pain, diffused pain, degenerative pathologies such as Osteo Arthritis. In these cases, shockwave therapy would not be tolerated well, whereas PM is tolerated, even with the most painful conditions.

PM is ideal for rheumatic patients, clinicians tend to avoid using shockwave in this instance. It can also be used post-surgery for pain relief and accelerated healing, even where joint replacements are involved.

physio magnetic

pmst neo advantages

pmst therapy

magneto therapy



PMST + shockwave therapy + NIRS

Field strength at the coil


Near infrared wavelength

940NM /640NM /620NM

Strength of shock wave


Frequency of field pulse

1-3000 Hz

Frequency of impact

22 Hz

Power of NIRS



100-110v or 220-240V

Output power



Alu box

Package size

108 X 58 X 62 cm

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