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Double handle extracorporeal shockwave therapy equipment for sale SW100B

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2019 newest arrival shockwave machine with two handles SW100B

The double channel electromagnetic shockwave therapy machine SW100B is the newest design physio therapy equipment in 2019.Our engineers equiped the machine with two pcs shockwave handles,two handles can work at same time.So the doctors can give two people treatments at the same time. It is powerful and effective. If you have two customers need to do the treatment in your clinic, you can arrange the treatment at same time. 

The machine take two pcs digital handles, it can shot the frequency, shots numbers and so on. 

shockwave therapy SW100B

Also each handle take 7 pcs shockwave transmitter, there has 2 pcs was exclusive design for ED treatment.

shockwave therapy machine

Both the digital handles and non-digital handles can available. The Customers can choose according to their preferences. The shockwave therapy machine SW100-B take double handle, dual interface, double selection. It is the new design and unique in the world.

eswt shockwave therapy

shockwave eswt therapy

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