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PMST LOOP pemf magnetic field therapy mat device PMST PRO

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PMST LOOP pemf magnetic field therapy mat device PMST PRO

PMST loop pemf mat physiotherapy equipment 


What is the pemf therapy machine?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Therapy is a natural, non-invasive therapy,can safely apply a magnetic field to redirect electrical impulses to the pain occurs, PEMF that directs powerful, pulsed electro-magnetic fields toward damaged, unhealthy cells or injured areas.

The effect of this is an overall improvement in the flow of nutrients into the cell, so relief and healing can begin. PEMF therapy available for clinical or home use in the world.

pemf machine

Pemf machine for human:

PEMF recharges and stimulates these unhealthy cells with improved oxygenation and circulation, returning them to normal function.

PEMF is said to improve cellular absorption of oxygen and nutrients,while eliminating toxins, resulting in reduction of inflammation,

reduction in pain, and improved recovery times.

pemf mat

Pemf machine for animals:

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy has been used for animals to promote healing and overall well-being. It involves the

use of electromagnetic fields to stimulate cells and tissues in the body.

PEMF therapy may help reduce pain and inflammation in animals, have potential effects for animals.

pemf equipment

Advantages of pmst loop machine:

More professional:

1)With two Interfaces (Human therapy and Animal therapy)

2) Professional treatment protocol and guidelines

More Intelligent

1) Intelligent interface switching

2) Machine output energy can adjust

3) Different handles with different energy

Higher Configuration

1) Intelligent interface upgrade, more professional and easy to operate

2) Diverse work handle selections

3) High quality foldable screen

Higher Performance

1) Wider application fields

2) Short treatment time, good treatment result, fast curative effect

pemf pmst loop

pemf loop

pemf pmst loop


Power Consumption

850 W

Magnetic intensity

Max up to 24700   Guass

Pulse Frequency

1-10 Hz  MF:2HZ – 10HZ - 4HZ- 8HZ


4500 Hz



IP rating

IP 31

Attached loops

Single loop &   Butterfly loop

Optional loops

Double paddles /   mat / X-Wing / Hoof box

Dimension of   package

75 X 58 X 52 cm

Gross weight

35 Kg

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