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portable velashape machine for sale BL-V03S

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Portable velashape machine BL-V03S

The Portable velashape machine with two working handles, the machine can be used for full body weight loss. The larger handle, which is the combination the vacuum roller, rf, VAC in one handle, it is faster and better effect for the treatment.


Velashape Working Theory:

Bipolar RF, near-infrared laser, vacuum negative pressure, mechanical rolling and other four technologies in one body suitable for all parts of the human body.

Vacuum negative pressure, attract skin, accelerate fat metabolism, while infrared light stimulates collagen hyperplasia, tightens skin, smoothes cellulite, accelerates fat cell volume reduction, bipolar RF, heat promotes fat cell decomposition, mechanical roller massage The treatment site accelerates fat metabolism, and the four-in-one technology works synergistically to make the fat lose shape and quickly lose weight.

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Velashape Slimming Machine Functions:

Body Shaping: face and neck, limbs, buttocks and abdomen slimming, face, chest, buttocks firming, postpartum and liposuction recovery.

Stretch marks: Efficiently fade the stretch marks.

Slimming: Reduces cellulite, reduces fat and improves skin relaxation.

Firming and anti-aging: Strengthen firming skin, increase skin elasticity, improve orange peel, postpartum stretch marks, facial lifting and so on.

Relieve stress:  acupoints dredge, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, fatigue, soreness, relieve skin edema, improve dark circles and bags under the eyes.

Promote detoxification: promote lymphatic and blood circulation, calf detoxification of the calf, and detoxification of the abdominal colon.

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Product name

Velashape machine


10.2 inch color touch screen

Work theory

Bipolar rf ,infrared laser,vacuum roller

Laser wavelength


Handle screen

1.5 in color screen




110V-240V 50Hz/60Hz


15 kgs/20kgs

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